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The Goji Products Blog

Welcome to the Goji Products Organization's Blog!

Yes, we worship the Goji berry here, and it is our goal to provide you with quality, non-biased reviews of commercially-available goji berry products, such as dried goji and goji juice that you can purchase here in the USA.

Even better, you will also find all kinds of information about goji, such as goji benefits, goji research, where to get goji berries, and even delve into the history of goji, too.

For instance, did you know that Goji is a Chinese word, and in English we usually refer to those great little red berries as �Wolfberries?� Although there are many rumors (and even misleading marketing by unscrupulous MLM companies) about Goji or Wolfberry from Tibet and the Himalayas, the fact is that they don't grow there, Nor can they even grow at high altitudes at all!

Goji Product Reviews

There are many products based on goji berries including dried goji berries and goji juices or juice blends. To see our unbiased reviews of the commercially-available goji products here in the United States, check out our Goji and Goji Juice pages.

We will continually update this site to add more reviews on goji products as we find them. If you have a goji product you'd like us to review here, please use our Contact page above to let us know about it!

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