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Goji Berries Calories

goji berries calories
Question: I know this seems silly, but which afternoon snack should I choose?

peanut butter or ginger jam on wholemeal toast

Choice of crisps (chips to you americans): salt and vinegar french fries, paprika, salt and vinegar regular crips, cheese and onion regular crisps, original or soured cream wholegrain sunbites, thai crackers with sweet chilli dip

choice of cereal bars: nak'd raw food bar, jordans raisin and hazlenut, raisin and oat sainsburys, high fibre oat and honey bran flake bars, aplen light in apple and raisin or wild berry

frida mini chocolate bar

choice of biscuits: 2 choc chip cookies, 2 custard creams, 3 gingerstem nairns oatcakes, 2 mini gingerbread men

healthy snacks: mixture of pistacios, dried cranberries, walnut pieces pecans and raisins
activia fat free yogurt

100 cal norwegian hot choc

Juices: tropical, apple, pinapple, orange, innocent goji and mango supersmoothie

soya milk

vegan protein supplement

also, how many calories should be in an afternoon snack

Answer: xD
Just have a bowl of cereal- I swear it's taken you the whole afternoon to write that out and therefore you'll no longer need an afternoon snack for the temptation will have passed now you'll be having tea soon anyway ^^

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Goji Stomach Ache

Question: why are berries so good to eat? antioxidant, vitamin c...?

i heard there were antioxidants and vitamin c in some berries. what is that so good? i mean if you have a stomach ache, will eating berries help? or a sore throat or if you have a cold? any ideas? thanks a lot.

Answer: Of the berries that one can eat, such as strawberries, blackcurrants, blackberries, blueberries, bilberries, cherries, goji berries, etc, yes these are all rich in vitamin C [in their raw state] and antioxidants by way of the pigments these berries contain...anthocyanidins. It is usually the case that the darker the skin of the berries, the more antioxidant rich they are...generally speaking. These are good for health but don't overdo it as many of these are also acidic so they might upset a sensitive stomach if you overdo it. Some people may be allergic to some berries also...strawberries for instance being one classic example i think.

Dark-skinned berries in particular may be particularly good when you have a cold or sore throat. For a stomach ache you might be better off taking a little chamomile or sage tea, and a little live [probiotic] yogurt or an acidophilus capsule if you have any of those.

You might like to read about the orac value [the measurement of Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity] of various fruits and foodstuffs. Do some research on that if you are interested []. But don't buy into any hype concerning acai berry for instance. It is just a fruit with a high antioxidant value, like many other dark-skinned fruits. It cannot help one lose weight....that is an unproven fallacy and has been touted just to scam. Weight loss can only ever be achieved by calorie restriction [particularly sugary and fatty snacks] combined with regular sustained exercise. Just try to eat healthily and take regular exercise, you don't need to splash out on any expensive products.....goji berries for instance which are native to other areas of the globe. Try your local [grown local] berries better.....God gives you through nature what you need in your own area.

Hope that is of some help.
Best wishes.

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