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Goji Berries And Fertility

goji berries and fertility
Question: Goji berry juice help infertility?

I just recently read that the Goji berry has shown to help infertility in men by increasing their sperm count and reversing infertility in women. Has anyone actually had this happen or know of anyone that this helped their infertility? I want to try it to see if it helps us since we can't even get pregnant on fertility drugs. Thanks.

Answer: Ive never heard of it! But try it!
What harm could it do!

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Goji Skin Essentials

goji skin essentials
Question: i want to remove my pimple marks. what will i do?

Answer: hi i'm 19 and oh man i have so many different answers for you, as i have had the same problem.. and am still in the process of healing.

first, vitamin E works well for scars. it smooths out skin and keeps it moisturized really well. before i bought actual vitamin E oil, i would grind up a bunch of almonds in my mom's coffee grinder and put an equal amount of water with an equal amount of the powder to form a paste. then i left it on my face for like 20 minutes or so, and it left my skin feeling really nice afterwards. i would still apply a natural organic moisturizer afterwards though. almonds are one of the top on the list of containing vitamin E.
vitamin E oil works better though i have to say.
otherwise you can buy vitamin E in suppliment form.

also, goji berries are a wonderful natural healer. they are delicious and have sooo many health benefits. you should definitely read up on them, they do so much for the body. you can buy them online or go to your local co-op or natural foods store.

the following are also very very very good for acne scars.
~zinc -- probly the most important!! helps repair skin and stimulates new skin growth very quickly!

~garlic -- apply garlic to fresh pimples or scars a few times throughout the day.

~MOST importantly, start eating organic if you don't already. you will honestly feel 500% better and your body will react wonderfully on it's own. cut ALL hydrogenated oils and ALL high fructose corn syrup from your diet. also, try cutting dairy out. there are some really great alternatives to dairy that i think taste way better and are way easier on the stomache.

~one last thing -- try swallowing or putting 1 tbsp. of organic olive oil in food every day. your body doesn't produce essential fatty acids, which are soooo important for your brain to function. olive oil is definitely rich in omegas and is absolutely essential for well-being.. and skin!

i have more to share with you if you are interested. just let me know. :) hope these help for now!

Zija - Team DYNASTY - Russ Bianchi formulator

Organic Goji
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